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Efficient Home Cleaning Services for Vacation Rentals

  • House Cleaning: Clean the entire home within the allotted turnover time.
  • Living Room and Dining Room areas: Clean and dust all of the furniture, Dust off the Windows, Blinds, Vacuum and Mop the Floors
  • Bedrooms: wash bed linens, make the beds, dust off the blinds and furniture, vacuum the carpet.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: All dishes and utensils are cleaned and the dishwasher is left empty, wiping and drying countertops and shelves. cleaning of the stovetop and oven, empty and clean the refrigerator, microwave, floors, and removal of all trash.
  • Bathrooms: Showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets are thoroughly cleaned. Mop floors.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Clean off the patios, balconies, and decks. Outdoor furniture and decorative items are dusted and wiped clean. Furniture and pillows returned to their respective locations.
  • Provide restocking of any items provided by the management company, for each specific home.
  • Sanitization: We will clean and sanitize all hard surfaces with antibacterial solutions.


Island Paradise Cleaning takes pride in the entire cleaning process. We continue to learn and think outside the box to meet or exceed expectations. We employ team members that have the same values and attention to detail and providing exceptional service.
Every property is unique. Please fill in the service request for your properties specific quote.
Every cleaning company is different, Island Paradise Cleaning is not trying to reinvent the wheel. We only use the best products available to clean and sanitize your home.
Island Paradise Cleaning can give a quote without seeing the property, based on information you provide on the request service form. If there is any additional work the cleaners find. There will be additional charges. Which will need to be paid for in advance.
We do not provide service during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.
Yes, but as long as you communicate with us and all services are paid, you can send a termination in writing.